My name is Maureen and I am a certified life coach/hypnotherapist. I teach classes as well as do individual sessions for life, and health and wellness coaching where I specialize in whole life coaching. Check out the Services page to learn more about the services that I offer.  I'm passionate about living a life I love and I want to help others find the passion in their lives.  After  my recent triumph over breast cancer it has made me just that much more passionate about living life to the fullest. This experience has given me insight into what others might be going through in their cancer journey. It has given me new experiences and increased my compassion and empathy for those going through that journey. It makes the health and wellness coaching that I am doing even more valuable in that I get to help people get healthy again. Or even better, to help people not get ill in the first place by working with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual facets of your life.

I have always been interested in Natural medicine. My journey began in 2004 when I attended the Northwest School of Animal Massage and became a Small animal massage practitioner. I then enrolled in Massage School and became a Licensed Massage Practitioner. From there I got additional training in Aromatherapy, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I taught Massage Theory and Practice and Kinesiology at a local massage school. After years of doing massage, I found that there was a real need for people to be coached around exercise, nutrition and living a fulfilled life.

As I continued my journey I got additional life healing training in body mind transformational psychology. My additional training's and certifications include nutrition, hypnotherapy and life coaching/mentoring. All of these experiences have led me to my true passion and calling which is life coaching.

I will work with you as your whole life coach by creating a holistic evaluation and treatment plan for your presenting concerns. The way I work is interactive and responsive to who you are, why you've come, and what you want. Thus, getting to know you is my first objective. I want to inspire you live the life you were meant to be living. The heart of my teaching/sessions centers on looking at your life issues and concerns and working with you to determine what it is that you are really looking to change. While these may be serious issues, this is meant to be fun and engaging process, as it will open you up to gifts in yourself that you may be unaware of.

In my experience the more engaged and active you are, the more satisfied you will be with the results. I always encourage ongoing feedback to me about our work together.

Massage License Number – MA00022719

Hypnotherapy License – HP 60726564